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8 Ways to Make Your Destination Wedding Stand Out

Aisle Design

If you decided on an outdoor, non-religious ceremony on the beach, in a garden, Cenote, or rooftop add some flair. Change the direction of seating from the lined rows, add some greenery, fairy lights, or photos of loved ones lost hung with lighting.


For a destination wedding, if you are having a lot of DIY, try to keep it to a minimum. These items take a lot of space in your travel accessories. Limit DIY pieces that will travel easily such as, chair signs, welcome bags, cake topper, guest book, seating place cards. As another option, bigger items can be shipped prior to your wedding planner.

His + Hers

Personalize a specialized drink for your guests. Maybe one that each of you comes up with. Could be a made-up drink or ones that are your favorites. Try to leave beer out of this though, lol.

Use local live music

Being able to offer some local flare at your wedding is perfect. In Mexico try a local Mariachi band! Cocktail hour is the perfect time to serenade your guests with Caribbean Reggae music. That should get the guests ready to party.

Flower Power

WOW, your guests with local flowers of your chosen destination. Nothing says love like those of the culture you choose to marry in.

Adorn Your Guests

Have a little something waiting for them upon arrival that they will be able to use during the wedding festivities and after. Maybe include some personalized items that can be keepsakes long after. Flip-flops make the absolute gift for the woman guests. We are love to wear our pretty shoes but soon after they are on, we want them off. Another great way to tell guests, "kick-off those formals and let's dance the night away".

Sweet Treats

Traditional cakes are no longer the trendy way that most couples are leaning towards. Trending now is cupcake or cookie tiers, a complete sweet table, or even the cake but naked!!!!! Mexican bakeries can do almost anything.

Honor Your Loved Ones

Creating special places at your Ceremony and Reception for your loved ones is also a great idea and one that never gets old. Have special signs made up for the Ceremony and placed on an empty chair. At the Reception have photos of the loved ones and have them attached to fairy lights and clips. There is always the tradition of having photos of those loved ones attached to your floral bouquet.

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