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Destination weddings are not scary. Every resort provides you with a wedding coordinator who will be there to help you from approximately 3 months prior to your wedding.

By hosting a destination wedding in Mexico, you will find that your budget will go a lot farther. With a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort, you have many options from the resort that will be included. When you host at-home vendors are an added expense. The biggest and best part is that you and your guests get to turn your wedding into a vacation.

Myth #1: Destination Weddings are Too Expensive

Resorts offer a great selection of options. You may even qualify for a complimentary package, based on minimum required number of rooms and/or nights stayed. You can for sure still have your dream destination wedding without feeling like you have broken the bank.

Myth #2: You Have To Do It By Yourself

Travel agencies can help play a large role in planning your destination wedding. They will take care of all of the travel arrangements, transportation from the airport, and accommodations for you and all of your guests at the resort. Although travel agents are not wedding planners or coordinators they can certainly help get you there. Once you are confirmed with your resort, the resort will connect you with a coordinator that can help take care of the other details. Note: Onsite wedding coordinators are not the same as hiring a wedding planner.

Myth #3: Semi-Private Receptions don’t feel the same

Because you and your guests will not be the only ones staying at your chosen resort, be prepared to be offered a semi-private option. This option generally includes a portion of a restaurant designated just for your guests. Wedding staff are trained to help keep out other guests and provide the best customer service experience for you and your guests. A destination semi-private reception can be quite luxurious and feel private.

Myth #4: Your Ceremony Has to Be on A Beach

Who does not fall in love with a beach wedding? I mean, after all, you are in Mexico. However, you do not have to marry on the beach. In fact, there are many non-beach venues. From lush jungle and tropical flowers, beautifully hidden gardens, and onsite Cenotes.

Myth #5: You Can Only Invite A Few Family And Friends

There are some destination wedding resorts that will accommodate up to 300 people or more, allowing you to invite as many family and friends as you would like! Remember, your guests will get an opportunity of an entire experience that not only includes your wedding day but additional days to spend with loved ones.

Myth #6: You’re in Charge Of All Activities

Although you do not have to be with your guests every day, it is the new trend to have a welcome reception and some sort of farewell, a lot of times this may be included with your package. There are many options for your guests to explore both on and off-site.

Myth #7: You Have To Pay For all of the Accommodations

Who could afford to pay for everyone? Guests that are invited generally do not expect their travel and accommodations to be paid for. This is why we always suggest giving your guests as much time as you can to plan. However, having a nice welcome gift for your guests upon arrival is always appreciated.

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