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Planning Your Mexican Wedding

Has the excitement of becoming engaged kept you up worrying about absolutely everything? Are you worried you will forget something or someone? That you have not ordered enough chairs! Or just concerned you will run out of time? Do you find yourself wondering about what it would be like to be married on a beach, in a Cenote, Private Villa, or even your very own private Beach Club? What about your honeymoon?

Destination Wedding - Mexico

Let us present “The Destination Wedding”. A Destination Wedding allows you to have both a wedding and a honeymoon, AT ALMOST THE SAME TIME!!!! Have you thought about Riviera Maya, Mexico? In Mexico, the exchange rate is relatively high all year round, the food and drinks are amazing (and very reasonable), and the beaches are mesmerizing.

Have you ever tried to plan a wedding or a large event on your own? If you have you know there are a million little details that can not only take up most of your time, but some may also be overlooked in the process. You start out with a budget, but you end up without the time or knowledge to worry about it and now your $10,000 “budget” looks more like $50,000!

Weddings in Mexico are amazingly beautiful. Have you envisioned having a traditional Mayan Ceremony, a Symbolic Ceremony of sand or water, maybe even a Hand Fasting? The options are endless. Of course, traditional Civil Ceremonies are always available, they do require more time and planning, however. There are many other options for accommodations as well, such as, an All-Inclusive Resort, a private Bed & Breakfast, or a private Villa that will sleep 20. Ceremony and Reception can be held at all these venues. What about a completely private Cenote with Accommodations? How many of your friends have done this?

This is your special day. Something you have played repeatedly in your mind, all your life. Now, the time has finally arrived, and you want everything to be perfect, and why shouldn’t it be? Even if you are planning a second or third marriage, a vow renewal, or a commitment Ceremony, Mexico will promise you memories that will last your whole life.

Let us know what you have always dreamt of. Or maybe you want something just a little more creative and unique, let us know and we will make your dreams come true. We know the best vendors, restaurants, All-Inclusive Resorts, and private unique locations.


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