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Can I bring a plus one if I was not given one — since it is so far away, and I might not know anyone?

Please be considerate. Remember, you were invited to their wedding, which makes you a guest. While we understand you might not want to travel alone unless your invitation states a plus one, do not assume.

Destination Wedding

Should the couple pay for my travel & accommodations?

We understand this might put a dent in your budget, however; guests are not obligated to attend, so if you cannot afford to travel, please don’t feel pressured to do so.

Is it ok to stay somewhere other than the hotel/resort selected?

Regarding destination weddings in the Caribbean and Europe, it is not beneficial to book outside of the couple’s resort. There are benefits that the couple receives for booking rooms. However, if your budget does not allow it, it is not rude for you to stay at another location and pay the day fee that most resorts require. You usually can get a day pass for a certain price. You might also want to consider that you could miss out on the activities the couple decides to throw and will be apart from other guests. If it is an all-inclusive resort, you might not be allowed to visit friends by the pool for the afternoon.

If the couple has a weekend itinerary planned, is it ok to not participate in all of them?

Wedding Excursions

We think this varies by the couple. If it were an informal get-together or something that did not require an RSVP, I would say it's ok to skip it. On the other hand, if the couple decides to do an excursion, for example, a sunset cruise and you are in the headcount and do not show, well, that would be considered rude.

Do I still need to get the couple a gift if I paid to travel to the wedding myself?

Most couples only request your presence as their gift; however, if you feel the need to buy a gift, do so. Keep in mind that you will have to put the gift in your suitcase and then the couple will have to do the same. Most couples these days stay for an extended time in their chosen destination, maybe a SPA Day for the couple would be something to consider.

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