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Top 10 reasons to book a Private Villa

We often get asked what is so different, besides the obvious, about staying in a Bed and Breakfast or a Private Villa. Although there are more than 10 reasons, I am going to give you our top 10.

1. Completely Private. Only you and your guests will be staying here. Whether you have beach access or not, no one will ruin your photos.

2. No outside beach or resort noise. No pool music playing through your ceremony or little toddler screaming that they don't want to leave yet. You can tailor the day to look the way you want it to.

3. Options! Do you want to cook? Maybe you have seen those real TACO's and now you want to make some? Heck, we even have caterers and chefs that will give lessons right in your own Villa. Plus you can have your wedding catered in any style you wish no matter how many guests you have.

4. Private swimming pool. If you have children at your wedding, more than not, these venues have their own swimming pools. Great for parents of children who cannot leave them alone, they have the comfort of feeling safe.

5. Price. Believe it or not, even with eating out and purchasing your own alcohol, this option quite often comes in priced lower.

6. NO end time for your party. Typically in a resort, the party, outside of the local resort bar, ends at 11 pm sharp.

7. No outside vendor fees. This can save you hundreds alone.

8. You don't have to belong to one of the resort's Premier room categories to have the "better" alcohol. You can choose what you want and it is very reasonable.

9. Comforts of being at home while staying in a sunny destination.

10. During Covid especially, you decide who spends the day with you and you are not surrounded by people you don't know.

Right now is a great time to book your Private Villa Destination Wedding! Let Riviera Reflections help you plan the perfect day.

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